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Scientific Name:
Canis familiaris
Family Name:
Toy-9-12 inches, Miniature- over 12-15 inches, Standard - over 15- 19 inches
Toy- 6-10 lbs., Miniature-10-20 lbs., Stardard- 18-35 lbs.
white, or white with biscuit or cream markings.
Life Span:
about 15 or more years
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Eskimo Snapshot
Eskimo Picture Gallery
Eskimo Description
  The Eskimo is a snowy white, beautiful Spitz-type dog. It looks like a miniature Samoyed. There are three types of this dog - toy, miniature, and standard. It has a wedge-shaped head with a skull and muzzle about the same length. The ears are triangular-shaped and erect and it has a heavily plumed tail that is curled over the back. The neck is well carried and the topline is good and level. With good legs and feet, it allows the Eskie to trot with bold, energetic action. Its skin is pink or gray and the eyelids, gums, nose, and pads are black. The coat is heavy around the neck giving it a ruff or mane, especially in males. Its coat should not have a wave or curl and the undercoat is thick and plush with the harsher outer coat growing up through it. The Eskimo is slightly longer than tall. This breed has many admirers and has withstood the test of time.  
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