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Scientific Name:
Canis familiaris
Family Name:
20-24 inches (50-60 cm.)
about 55 lbs. (25 kg.)
pure white with black or livered colored spots randomly splashed over it. The spots can be black, brown (liver), lemon, dark blue, tri colored, brindled, solid white or sable. The nails on its toes are either white or the same color as the spots. Puppies are born completely white and develop spots later.
Life Span:
about 10-12 years.
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Dalmatian Snapshot
Dalmatian Picture Gallery
Dalmatian Description
  The Dalmatian is a medium-sized, symmetrical, muscular dog with superior endurance. It has lean, clean lines of the pointer and may be related. Its dense coat is short and hard. Its feet are round with well-arched toes. Its nose can be black or liver, blue or dark gray and its eyes are dark brown, amber, or blue, with an intelligent expression. The ears are soft and pendant and its tail narrows toward a point and is carried with a slight upward curve.  
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