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Cape fox
Scientific Name:
Vulpes chama
Family Name:
Head & Body Size:
22 in. (55 cm)
Tail Size:
14 in. (34 cm)
5 lb (2.5 kg)
Grey or silver grey.Upper forelimbs are reddish, as are the head and ears. There are white patches on the cheeks, dark brown or black patches on the thighs, the throat is buffy and the underparts are nearly white.
Life Span:
up to 10 years
rodents, rabbits, insects, reptiles, eggs, fruit, berries, seeds, and small amounts of carrion and human refuse.
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Cape fox

Cape fox Snapshot
Cape fox Picture Gallery
Cape fox Description
  The Cape fox is a smallest canid found in South Africa. Females are usually about 5% smaller than males. They use their bushy tail as a counterbalance when dodging and weaving. It has large ears.  
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