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Scientific Name:
Canis familiaris
Family Name:
23-27 inches (58-69cm.)
80-110 lbs. (36-50kg.)
black and tan, liver and tan, red and tawny.
Life Span:
about 10-12 years
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Bloodhound Snapshot
Bloodhound Picture Gallery
Bloodhound Description
  The Bloodhound is a massive, powerful dog with a long muzzle, drooping ears and loose, wrinkled skin. Its jowls and hanging skin give the Bloodhound a rather mournful, dignified expression. It has a pendulous dewlap and its neck is very well muscled. Its back is very strong for the dog's size and its powerful shoulders enable the dog to work for long hours without a break. Its forelegs are straight, solid, and muscular and it carries its tail in an elegant curve above the topline of the back. The skull is very high and prominent and has eyes that are set deeply in their sockets. The lower lids of the eyes fall away to reveal part of the inner surface. Its black nose sits on the tip of the long muzzle. The folds of the skin are said to aid in holding scent particles. Its coat is short and fairly hard with the hair on the skull and ears being softer.  
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