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Black-backed jackal
Scientific Name:
Canis mesomelas
Family Name:
Head & Body Size:
18-36 in. (45-90 cm)
Tail Size:
10-16 in. (26-40 cm)
15-30 lb
sandy tan to reddish gold color with the black and silver marking running down the saddle of its back.
Life Span:
about 7 years
They will eat just about anything and do as little work to get it. They will eat fur seal cubs, gazelle, ungulate calves, insects, rodents, hares, lizards, snakes, and fruits and berries.
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Black-backed jackal

Black-backed jackal Snapshot
Black-backed jackal Picture Gallery
Black-backed jackal Description
  The Black-back Jackal is a slender canid. It has a fox-like face with large piinted ears and a very bushy tail.  
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