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Belgian Tervuren
Scientific Name:
Canis familiaris
Family Name:
22-26 inches (56-66 cm.)
60-75 lbs. (27-34 kg.)
The base color may be fawn to mahogany or shades of gray. There may be some white on the chest, toes and chin. The outer coat is black-tipped which gives the dog the characteristic black overlay.
Life Span:
about 12-14 years.
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Belgian Tervuren

Belgian Tervuren Snapshot
Belgian Tervuren Picture Gallery
Belgian Tervuren Description
  The Tervuen is an elegant, squarely proportioned, solidly muscled, but not bulky, slender dog, with a proud carriage. The hindquarters are muscular, without looking heavy and the front legs are very straight and parallel to each other. Removal of dewclaws from the front legs is optional, however they should be removed from the back legs. It has round, cat-like feet. It topline is level with a slight slope at the withers and the chest is deep, reaching to the elbows, but not broad or narrow. Its skull is flat and parallel to the plain of the muzzle, which tapers, but is not excessively pointy. The eyes are small, dark, and almond-shaped and have an alert and questioning expression. The ears are equilateral triangles and in good proportion to its head and are erect and alert. Its teeth meet in a scissors bite, nose is black and the lips are tight. Its coat is harsh and medium to long, consisting of a dense under coat and a straight, black-tipped outer coat. It has a light, graceful, almost floating gait.  
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