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Bat-eared fox
Scientific Name:
Otocyon megalotis
Family Name:
Head & Body Size:
20-24 in. (50-60 cm)
Tail Size:
12-14 in. (30-35 cm)
5-11 lb.
greyish brown, with black legs and ears, a black stripe on their tail, and a black mask around their eyes and muzzle.
Life Span:
13 years (captivity)
mostly insects, but will also eat mice and lizard
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Bat-eared fox

Bat-eared fox Snapshot
Bat-eared fox Picture Gallery
Bat-eared fox Description
  The bat-eared fox gets its name from its rather large ears. They can be up to 5 inches long. It is thought that the large ears which are characteristic of many desert animals help dissipate heat. Another interesting characteristic of this fox is their unusual teeth for a canid. They have extra molars, totaling up to 50 teeth all together. This helps them to grind the hard casing of insects which makes up their primary diet.  
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