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Arctic Fox
Scientific Name:
Alopex lagopus
Family Name:
Head & Body Size:
21-22 in. (53-55 cm)
Tail Size:
12 in. (30-31 cm)
7-9 lb.
There are two types of colors for the Arctic fox. The white and blue color types. The white color type will change to greyish with paler undersides in the summertime and the blue color type will turn dark chocolate. Sometimes their colors will not change if the temperature is always constant.
Life Span:
5-7 years
Birds, eggs, small mammals and fish. They will also eat berries, seaweed, insects, and larvae.
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Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox Snapshot
Arctic Fox Picture Gallery
Arctic Fox Description
  The Arctic fox is about the size of an ordinary domesticated house cat. Its fur is long and is white in the winter months and turns bluish or gray in the summer months. Its feet are lined with fur which helps conserve heat. Their heads have a stubby muzzle, small ears, and large eyes. They have short legs and a long bushy tail that the fox uses for insulation by wrapping it around itself when sleeping.  
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