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African wild dog
Scientific Name:
Lycaon pictus
Family Name:
Head & Body Size:
30-44 in (75-110 cm)
Tail Size:
12-16 in (30-40 cm)
37-79 lb
a combination of yellows to yellowish brown, black and white, and is unique to the individual dog. Color occurs in patches.
Life Span:
10-13 yrs
impala, wildebeest, and gazelle
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African wild dog

African wild dog Snapshot
African wild dog Picture Gallery
African wild dog Description
  The African wild dog looks like a hyena at first glance. Their body is lithe. They have long muscular legs which enable them to run at an average speed of 31 mph for a very long distances. It has short broad muzzle with very large, oval shaped ears. They are also known as the painted wolf of Africa because of their coloration.  
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