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Scientific Name:
Acinonyx jubatus
Family Name:
Africa and W. Asia. In grassland and arid bush
3 1/2- 5ft
( 1.1- 1.5m)
( 21-72kg)
Social Unit:
90-95 days
1 - 8
Diet:Large mammals, small mammals and birds
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Cheetah Snapshot
Cheetah Picture Gallery
Cheetah Description
  The fastest land animal in the world, the Cheetah can reach a speed of over 60mph (100kph), for a burst of
10-12 seconds, before it begins to overheat. If its prey, consisting chiefly of small and medium-sized ungulates, can stay ahead for longer than this, it invariably escapes.
Once the Cheetah overtakes its prey, it knocks the animal down by the sheer speed of its charge, seizes it by the throat,and strangles it. A female with cubs may make a kill every day, while lone adults hunt every 2-5days.
More socialable than any of the other "big" cats, except Lions, siblings leave their young at 13-20months, but may stay together for longer; brothers sometimes live with each other for years.
The Cheetah has a slim body, long legs, and a rounded head with a distinctive black stripes running down its face.Its coat is yellowish, with small black spots- the cats found in the desert being paler with smaller spots.
The King Cheetah from S.E. Africa has the largest spots.
The Cheetah seems to be more vulnerable than any other big cats to environmental changes brought about by human activity.
Originally found from the Arabian Peninsula to C. India, and throughout most of Africa, it has now virtually disappeared from Asia, except the western parts.
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