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American Short Hair
Scientific Name:
Felis catus
Family Name:
United States
Larger than average
12-15 lbs
classic tabby pattern in red, brown, and even silver
Social Unit:
Average compared to other cats.
Life Span:
17 years
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American Short Hair

American Short Hair Snapshot
American Short Hair Picture Gallery
American Short Hair Description
A handsome and gentle companion, the hardy American Shorthair has earned its place on the hearth of American homes since pioneering days.Long-lived and problem free, it gets along well with other family members, including dogs.

The medium to large American Shorthair is a true working cat. Its body should be strong, athletic and well proportioned. These cats are not fully grown until three or four years of age, with males usually being significantly larger than females. The head is large with a full -cheeked face, slightly longer than it is wide.The bright clear eyes are large and wide and the medium sized ears are set fairly well apart and the expression is both trusting and friendly. The medium-lenght legs are sturdy and well muscled, and the paws are full and rounded with the pad color in harmony with the coat color. Short,thick, even and coarse in tecture, the coat is dense enough to protect the cat from cold, moisture and superficial skin injuries.It thickens up considerably in winter.

There are more than 100 colors and patterns to choose from in the American Shorthair and everyone seems to have a favorite. These are just some of the colors of the American Shorthair.

Silver tabby: white ground color with dense black tabby markings arranged in a specific pattern. The classic pattern is most distinctive and consists of one or more unbroken necklaces on the chest, three wide circular lines forming a bullseye on eye on either side of the body, ring marks on the tail, bracelet marks on the legs and a shape like a butterfly with outspread wings on the shoulders. It is sometimes referred to as the "jewelery" pattern. With its emerald eyes, the silver tabby is truly a show-stopper.

White: a pure glistening white fur. The nose leather and paw pads are pink and the eyes are brilliant copper, vivid blue or odd-eyed (one copper and one blue).

Black smoke: the undercoat is white with the end of each hair deeply tipped with black(until it moves,the cat looks solid black). The points and mask are black with only a narrow band of white on each hair near the skin. The nose leather and paw pads are black and the eyes are copper.

Blue tabby: the ground color, including lips and chin, is pale bluish ivory; the markings are deep blue. The nose leather is deep rose, the paw pads ar rose and the eyes are brilliant copper.

Blue cream: blue with clearly defined patches of solid cream well broken up all over the body, legs and tail. The nose leather and paw pads are blue and/or pink and the eyes are brilliant copper.

Brown tabby: the ground color is coppery brown with dense brown markings in any of the tabby patterns. The lips chin and rings around the eyes are paler and the backs of the legs are black from the paw to the heel. The nose leather is brick red,the paw pads are black or brown and eyes are brilliant copper.

No matter what the color or pattern combination, the American Shorthair displays the same even temperament and friendliness. It is a perfect companion, both indoors or accompany you on outdoor treks. Its robust, muscular build and protective coat lend themselves to walks in the rain or in the cold temperatures. The American Shorthair is an excellent hunter with quiet ways,combined with a gentle, playful nature, which makes it an ideal choice for families.
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