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American Curl
Scientific Name:
Felis catus
Family Name:
United States
7-10 lbs
Usually orange and white tabby
Social Unit:
Average compared to other cats.
Life Span:
17 years
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American Curl

American Curl Snapshot
American Curl Picture Gallery
American Curl Description
The backward-tipped ears of the American Curl make it unmistakable. Curious and companionable, these attractive cats adapt easily to almost any home situation and tolerate the presence of other animals remarkably well.

The American Curl's body is medium sized, elongated in shape with moderate strength and tone. The head is a modified wedge, longer than it is wide,with a straight nose and a muzzle that is neither pointed nor square, It is an elegant and alert animal with a sweet and friendly expression. The eyes are walnut shaped, modferatrely large and may be any color, with no particular relationship to the coat color, except thaat blue eyes are required in colorpoint classses. Legs are of medium boning and the feet are medium sized and rounded. The tail is wide at the base, tapered and equal in length to the body; the longhaired American Curl has a beautiful plumed tail.
The outstanding feature of the American Curl is its remarkable curled ears. At birth, the ears are straight but they begin to curl back during the first ten days of life. The degree of curl is not finally established until the kittens are about four months old.
The coats of both longhair and shorthair types are soft and silky with minimal undercoat.Grooming is easy because the hair does not mat--regular combing and an occasional bath will keep these intriguing cats looking good.

American Curls come in all colors and patterns.Choose from a glistening snow-white with azure blue eyes, or a silver tabby with emerald-green eyes.Since they have such a wide gene pool you can find an American Curl with any color coat, including colorpointed, and any eye color that you wish.

Curious and friendly, the impish American Curl enjoys human company and remains playful and kitten-like throughout its adult life.These cats are very affectionate, even-tempered, lively and intelligent, and quickly make friends with new human acquaintances.
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