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African Golden Cat
Scientific Name:
Felis aurata
Family Name:
W. and C. Africa. In forest as well as mountains.
24-39in (61-100cm)
12-35lb (5.5-16kg)
Social Unit:
Large mammals, small mammals and birds
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African Golden Cat

African Golden Cat Snapshot
African Golden Cat Picture Gallery
African Golden Cat Description
  There is little known about the American Golden Cat, it is a medium-sized inhabitant of tropical rain forest and varies from gray to reddish brown, and may be faintly spotted or uniformly colored.
Its cheeks, chin, and underparts are white, and it has long legs, a small head, and large paws.
The male is usually larger than the female. Active during the day and night, it is mainly terrestrial but prefers areas near water.
It feeds on prey such as rodents, hyraxes, small antelopes, and birds, which it usually stalks and kills with a sudden rush.
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