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Scientific Name:
Felis catus
Family Name:
8-10 lbs
Ruddy, Red, Blue and Fawn
Social Unit:
Average compared to other cats.
Life Span:
13 years
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Abyssinian Snapshot
Abyssinian Picture Gallery
Abyssinian Description
The Abyssinian has a sleek,ticked coat, and strongly resembles a small wild cat. It is highly intelligent and extremely active, and although it is not a lap cat, it is loyal and affectionate and makes a wonderful companion,

The Abyssinian has a slim body of medium size and length. Adult animals are lithe, hard and muscular with all physical elements of the cat in proportion. The head is a modified wedge and the brow, cheek and profile show a gentle contour with a slight nose break; the ears are large and alert. The almond shaped eyes are large, brilliant and expressive and may be gold, green or hazel with a dark rim. Abyssinians move gracefully on their fine-boned legs and give the impression that they are standing on tiptoe.
The tail is medium length, and broad at the base and tapered, without kinks. The lustrous coat is beautiful to feel,soft,silky and fime in texture but also dense and resilient. The hair of this colorful cat should be long enough to accommodate dark, distinct bands of ticking.

In the U.S., the Abyssinian comes in ruddy,red,blue and fawn. The ruddy Abyssinian is a burnt sienna, ticked with black or dark brown. The undercoat and inside of the forelegs and belly are a paler orande-brown. The ears and tail are tipped with black or dark brown, the paw pads are dark brown and the nose leather is tile red.
The red or sorrel, Abyssinian is a warm, rich red, distinctly ticked with reddish brown. The ears and tail are tipped with reddish brown and the paw pads and nose leather are rosy pink.
The blue Abyssinian is a soft, warm blue, ticked with various shades of slate blue. The undercoat and inside of the forelegs and belly are a warm cream to beige.The tail tip and outer tip of each hair is dark steel blue. The paw pads are mauve and the nose leather is dark pink.
The fawn Abyssinian is a warm beige ticked with dusky fawn, the outer tips of the hairs being darkest. The undercoat and inside of the forelegs and belly is a pale fawn. The ears and tail are tipped with dusky fawn or lilac, the paw pads are mauve and the nose leather is pink. In addition to these four colors, The Inernational Cat Association also recognizes the Abyssinian in the following colors---sorrel silver, blue silver and fawn silver.

Highly intelligent, the gentle Abyssinian has a well-balanced temperament, is eager, active and shows a lively interest in its surroundings. It is a great companion cat, delighting in your company and always curious to know what you are doing. However, don't expect it to settle down as a lap cat as it usually has far too much unexpended energy. Confident,well-mannered and responsive, it loves to play and will quickly devise spontaneous little games to hold your attention. It has a small and bell-like voice.
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