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Sun Bear
Scientific Name:
Helarctos malayanus
Family Name:
Head & Body Size:
48 - 60 in (120 - 150 cm)
Tail Size:
1-3 in. (3-7 cm
60 - 145 lb (27 - 65 kg)
Black with brownish-tan markings on the face and a u-shape on the chest.
Life Span:
termites, small mammals, birds, tips of palm trees, and bees nests. They also feed on oil palms.
24 years (captivity)
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Sun Bear

Sun Bear Snapshot
Sun Bear Picture Gallery
Sun Bear Description
  The sun bear gets it name from the tan cresent shape on its chest. It is the smallest living bear species in the world. The males are somewhat larger than the females. Its coat is very short and dense. Its rounded ears set low on its head and are very small. like all bears, they are plantigrade, meaning they walk around on their entire foot like a human. Its tongue is extremely long, which assists the bear in eating termites and other insects. Like all bears, its tail is very short and stubby.  
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