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Sloth Bear
Scientific Name:
Melursus ursinus
Family Name:
Head & Body Size:
55-70 in (140-180 cm)
Tail Size:
4-5 in. (10-12 cm)
120-310 lb. (55-140 kg)
black with a white chevron (V-shape) on their chest, as well as lighter markings on their face.
Life Span:
40 years (captivity)
feeds mainly on ants and termites, but also feed on eggs, insects, honeycombs, carrion, vegetation and fruits.
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Sloth Bear

Sloth Bear Snapshot
Sloth Bear Picture Gallery
Sloth Bear Description
  The sloth bear gets its name from its very long claws, which look like sloth claws. It uses its claws to dig ants and termites out of their mounds. It also uses its bare lips which can protrude to suck termites out of their mound. It can completely close its nostrils. The sloth is a fairly small bear. Its coat consists of long black hair. Like all bears, it is a platigrade, meaning it walks on its entire foot like a human, and it has a very short and stubby tail. Unlike any other carnivore, the sloth bear only has four incisors in their upper jaw - most species have six in each jaw.  
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