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sydney funnel-web spider
Scientific Name:
Atrax robustus
Family Name:
Life Span:
8 or more years
25-35 mm long
glossy blue-black
beetles, cockroaches, insect larvae, native land snail, millipedes, and occasionally frogs and other small vertebrates.
Yes- very, especially to humans
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sydney funnel-web spider

sydney funnel-web spider Snapshot
sydney funnel-web spider Picture Gallery
sydney funnel-web spider Description
  The Sydney funnel-web spider is probably the most deadly spider in the world. They have large fangs and venom sacs. Males are smaller than the females, usually slimmer and with longer legs. The funnel-web spiders have shiny, solidly built limbs. They have a row of teeth along the fang groove and another row on their paired claws. While the female usually stays in one spot, males tend to roam in search of a mate.  
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