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Mexican Redknee Tarantula
Scientific Name:
Brachypelma smithi
Family Name:
Life Span:
females may live 25-30 years, while the male rarely lives past 10 years.
Its leg span is 15-18 cm. (6-7 inches).
Its body is black or dark brown with legs that are brilliant red and orange color.
insects, small frogs, lizards, and mice.
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Mexican Redknee Tarantula

Mexican Redknee Tarantula Snapshot
Mexican Redknee Tarantula Picture Gallery
Mexican Redknee Tarantula Description
  The Mexican Redknee Tarantula is considered to be the most docile of the tarantula species, but when threatened, it will display its' red bristles and drop them from its' body. The small hairs can cause a painful rash and possible blindness if they come in contact with sensitive areas such as exposed skin, nasal passages, or eyes of another animal. It has two hollow fangs, which inject venom during a bite. They make very popular pets. Its eight eyes are located just above its mouth, giving it both forward and rear vision. Even though it has many eyes, it has very poor vision and must rely on sensitive leg hairs to guide itself.  
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